Can The Problem Of Road Rage Be Solved With CBD?

CBD oil is getting popular among people using to get relief from headaches and various joint pains. It is also used popularly by those suffering from anxiety and stress. The right dose, frequency, and the optimal time of the day to get best results often depend on the individual body.

Maximize the effectiveness of CBD by taking it at the right time and in the right dosage as per your individual situation.

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Dose and frequency of consumption of CBD oil

The best dose of CBD for effective relief of symptoms will depend on various factors including you age, gender, severity of the condition, and mode of delivery.

  • Edible or oral products kick in slowly but induce effects that last longer than topical applications of the oil.
  • The only way to know the right dosage for your body is by starting with 2-5 mg of CBD per day and gradually increasing it to measure your body’s response.
  • You body weight will also determine the dosage at which you might feel the relief. The effective dose will increase with the increase in your BMI.
  • Using CBD oil on a daily basis will help your body in producing its own endocannabinoid after continuous use.
  • Frequency of daily dosing will depend on the product and its mode of delivery.
  • You can take the entire oral dose in the morning or mix it up with topical application and gummies throughout the day for better relief.

Benefits of taking CBD oil early in the morning

  • It can reduce the early morning brain fog and increase alertness.
  • It will help you in staying focused and de-stressed throughout the day.
  • It will ease out anxiety in people who usually get anxiety attacks before they leave for work and before major life-changing events.
  • It relaxes muscles and can relieve you from the stiffness that you feel after the night sleep.
  • When applied before a workout, it can warm up your muscles and help you in reaching a focused state faster.
  • Post-workout application can fasten the recovery and regeneration process.

While it is good to apply or intake CBD oil in the morning, an evening application can also have its own benefits. It can help you in unwinding after a hard day at work and its sedation-inducing properties can help you sleep better.

Healthy seep cycle will eventually promote a healthy mind and body. Taking CBD 2 hours before your bedtime can induce better sleeping habits.

Always monitor your body signals when you are working on trials to find the right dosage of CBD oil for yourself. Listening to your body cues will help you in finding the optimal time and frequency of application required. Be patient with yourself and with the product to allow it to interact and produce desired health benefits.

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